The Psychiatric Prison Hospital is an acute hospital providing nationwide services for prisoners. The care periods at the hospital vary from a few days to a few weeks or months. The hospital’s Turku unit has operated since 1911 and is the only prison health care unit open year-round 24 hours a day. The Turku unit has 40 and the Vantaa unit 14 patient beds. The physicians of the Psychiatric Prison Hospital also provide outpatient services to local prisons. The hospital has six physicians and three psychologists. The personnel also includes special employees, nurses and assisting staff. In addition to periods of care, the hospital also provides examination periods for advanced ADHD diagnostics, mental examinations, statutory danger assessments and violence risk assessments, initiation of opioid replacement therapy, and assessment periods for the statutory medical treatment of sex offenders. The Psychiatric Prison Hospital also carries out research and development work.


Contact information of the Psychiatric Prison Hospital

Turku unit

Visiting address: Mathilda Wreden katu 1, FI-20380 Turku

Mailing address: P.O. Box 49, 20251 TURKU

Telephone numbers

  • office secretaries +358 29 524 5511
  • ward 1 office +358 29 524 5512
  • ward 2 office +358 29 524 5515

Fax numbers

  • administration +358 29 524 5792
  • wards +358 29 524 5791


Vantaa unit

Siltaniitynkuja 2, 01260 Vantaa

Telephone number +358 29 524 5742

Fax number +358 29 524 5789


Chief Physician Hannu Lauerma is in charge of the operations of the Psychiatric Prison Hospital

  • telephone number +358 29 524 5552
  • e-mail